Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)


From ZBB to a Zero-based Mindset

A Zero-based Mindset—or ZBx—goes beyond Zero-based Budgeting to help you identify non-working money and reinvest
it for growth and innovation.

Achieve startup speed at enterprise scale

Whereas ZBB was the tip of the opportunity iceberg, ZBx is an evolved way of thinking that favors agility over austerity, visibility over guesswork and future vision over past to fuel competitive agility.

Gone are the days of incremental problem-solving, like debating business class or fresh fruit in the lobby. A zero-based mindset is more than line items and balance sheets—it’s about transforming a culture at its core by aligning priorities across the organization. It reinvigorates mindsets and behaviors, endowing people with ownership over their spend and how they channel savings into new sources of growth.

It’s not easy to create a culture of innovation at every level, but ZBx makes it possible, and we make it happen.

Zero-based Supply Chain: Accelerating COVID-19 recovery


Zero-based Supply Chain: Accelerating COVID-19 recovery

COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains everywhere. Find out how to zero-base supply chains now to make critical decisions and prepare for future disruption.

How we work

Adopting ZBx is an investment in tomorrow. By infusing new technologies and an owner
-operator ethos across your organization, we can help you shift cost curves and reimagine work

Zero-based commercial (ZBC)

Define the right customer experiences and price points for each segment. Evaluate total share of wallet to optimize investments and grow revenue.

Zero-based organization (ZBO)

Clean sheet your company. Determine your future needs and redesign to shift talent away from work that doesn’t drive the outcomes you want.

Zero-based spend (ZBS)

Identify General & Administration (G&A) with an unprecedented level of granularity to make bold choices that free up cash for growth initiatives.

Zero-based supply chain (ZBSC)

Pinpoint the “should cost” of goods sold based on price, performance and value engineering, then optimize products and services accordingly.

To build your future, forget your past

A zero-based mindset means starting from scratch and building up to what your costs should be, based on the outcomes you want. This is a modern alternative to the practice of examining past results and incrementally carving out costs.

Fundamentally different than zero-based budgeting, ZBx helps you identify the good costs from the bad costs and realign resources to invest in growth, profitability, sustainability and trust.

It’s Not Just Zero-Based Budgeting Anymore

Nomad Consulting Firm’s video shows ‘ZBx’ is a new way to identify cost savings and reinvest for growth, profitability, sustainability and trust. See more.

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