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Over one billion searches on mobile devices are done by voice every month and it was once thought that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 (derived from ComScore data).

The importance and role of voice search however still requires attention and consideration, despite adoption figures not reaching the lofy 50% marker. Google has cemented this notion further by publishing its first-ever voice search guidelines.

As the technology and devices for voice queries are advancing, it is key that you consider optimising for voice search as a part of your digital strategy and marketing mix.

DFW HVAC Plumbing Marketing is ready to help get your business ready to succeed in the emerging landscape of voice search. 

Voice Search Services

We know the power of words and can audit your site and those of your competitors to ensure that you are using the right phrases and keywords so that your site can be found and served through voice search.

We leverage on-site strategies, content marketing, and local search optimization to help our clients stay front and center when their customers come looking for them. 

Content Marketing for Voice Search

Starting with the basics again. How does voice search work? You speak, AI listens, you get your results. This was the procedure, right? Well, voice search SEO is a little line connecting all these three steps. What you speak fluently, is spoken in a narrative sense, somewhat like “OK Google, which is the best cafe around me?” Then the Google voice search assistant works its AI magic and provides you with the best results.

Voice search is all about having the answers to direct questions and other requests for information. We’ll make sure your website and other digital assets are ready to answer your customers most asked questions. 

Online Local Listings

Google uses information about your business from all over the web to determine who you are, where you are, and which queries you can help resolve. If a searcher says, for example,  “Okay Google, show me plumbers in my area,” Google is going to pull information from various trusted business directories to determine whether your business is relevant to that search.

DFW HVAC Plumbing Marketing will ensure that your business information is accurate and consistent across all of Google’s most trusted online business directories.

Is Your Business Ready for Voice Search?

At here, DFW HVAC Plumbing Marketing – all of them are not just tech names anymore. They are slowly integrating into our lives to become our families, our friends. They are influencing the growth of businesses. Your business needs to be future ready or it will swayed away in the weight of all the heavy duty competition.

Of all the up and coming technologies, voice search is like a hurricane. With immense power and capabilities to change the whole landscape of digital marketing, it sure is something you should be looking forward to.

In the past year, it rocked the markets and local businesses, since over 55% people were actually using voice search to look around for local business and services


Are you ready to prepare your business for the future of search engine marketing? 

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