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Digital products and digitalized operations for business. We help our clients become the future of their industries, today!

Build a more intelligent business

Industry X explained

Intelligence is the driving force of change in industry today. It has created new kinds of disruption, and new opportunities.

Today’s industries are driven by quick, exponential and, above all, constant change. And, for executives, the key question is:

How can we change with it and thrive?

Our answer: By harnessing cloud, data and AI to change the way you make things—and the very things you make.

Industry X offers clients a suite of tested best-practices and solutions for embedding intelligence in their business.

We help you optimize operations and create new products and platforms so you can build a better, more profitable and sustainable business.

Here’s how we’ll help:

Industry X brings applied intelligence into your R&D, Engineering, Production and Service
operations to make them more productive, safe, and sustainable. Our experts specialize in:

Digitalizing operations

Our Digital Manufacturing & Operations group helps clients embed intelligence into the very fabric of factories, plants, and sites. We use digital to overcome operations challenges and deliver higher productivity, throughput, and quality while reducing cost, risk, waste and similar externalities.

Strengthening portfolios

Our Intelligent Product & Platform group helps clients create and scale connected hardware- and software products. We transform and complement R&D, software development, and service operations. The result? Shorter time to market, happier customers, and better business.

Case Studies

Let’s See Our Latest Project

See how we bring the new to life with our clients in every industry, in every country, each and every day.

Data science in every drop

Water is essential to life, but clean water is inaccessible to hundreds of millions of people.

digital transformation

The Felix Project is on a mission to “save food and change lives” by redistributing fresh food

Improved balance sheet

While transitioning finance services to an intelligent finance operating model, a medical device manufacturer

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